Thursday, October 29, 2015

T-shirts! Get your t-shirts!

It only took us 18 months but we have t-shirts!  And onesies!  

Here they are!

"Be the Good" design - available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL ($20); 2XL and 3XL ($22)

If you have one of our "Adopt" shirts from our first adoption, you know that those were 100% cotton, heavy-duty shirts.  The new ones are much softer and comfier - Bella Canvas 52/48 combed and ringspun cotton/poly.  They are more fitted so see the specs below if you're unsure on what size to order.

"Worth the Wait" design - available in infant onesie sizes 3/6 months, 6/12 months, 12/18 months, and 18/24 months in colors black, athletic heather, baby blue, berry, navy, pink and red ($15)

The onesies are all Bella Canvas 100% combed ringspun cotton except the athletic heather color is 90/10 cotton/polyester.  These do run small so see the specs below with the measurements.  

We sold t-shirts for Bailey's adoption and still have a few in our basement 4 years later.  To try and avoid this issue, we're taking pre-orders for a week and then we'll place the order with our printer, Fund the Nations.  They do great work for adoptive families and church groups and even designed our onesies!  We have been told that they take about a week to get printed and we will hopefully be mailing them out the week of November 16th.

Our goal is to sell at least 50 shirts and 50 onesies! 

1 shirt/onesie - $4
2-4 shirts/onesies - $5
5-8 shirts/onesies - $10
Send us an email for more than 8
*CO friends - we'll hand-deliver when possible!*

How to order:
Send us an email at or a message/comment on Facebook with your order.  We'll send you a Paypal invoice for payment or we can take checks or cash (no Paypal fees for us!).

Thank you in advance for your support!  We are hoping that this fundraiser will be a great success!  Of course, if you don't want/need t-shirts or onesies, you can donate directly to our adoption fund using the link on the right-hand side of the blog :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It Just Got Real!

Our profile book is finally done and copies are at our agency! We'll spare you the gory details but we are so glad it is done! As of last Thursday, we are now officially on the "active" list of adoptive families with our agency, which means that they will be informing us of expectant mom situations. We will have the opportunity to review and pray about every situation and decide if we want our profile book shown as a potential match.  Expectant moms could be due in a few days, weeks, months or could have already given birth!  The reality of this is slowly setting in - we could be a family of 4 as soon as tomorrow!  We also know that it comes with a lot of uncertainty but we are very excited to get going with this next step in the process!!

We do know that there is a growing sense of urgency. This adoption just got real! We've kicked our prep up a notch and have a lot to do to get ready since the process could move very quickly. This adoption is and will continue to be so different than Bailey's, not to mention that we've not experienced raising a newborn - that sound you hear is my heart beating out of my chest!

Now that we know more about timing, we're ramping up our fundraising. We're so thankful for the many that have supported us through donations, helping with our garage sales, participating in our Chick-Fil-A (x2) and other fundraisers.  Special shout out to Megan, Rinele and Kimberly for blessing us through their Jamberry, Pampered Chef and Noonday businesses!  God has blessed us with very generous friends and family! 

We've met ~2/3 of our goal and are still praying for God to provide the remaining 1/3, at least $10,000 more to meet the expected adoption expenses. We're still waiting for news on a few grants so please pray for a positive response to those applications.  If you would like to donate, please click the PayPal donate button in the right sidebar of our blog.  Thank you for considering us!!

We're finalizing the designs for our shirt fundraisers and those should be ready for preorder at the end of this week.  Once we've got the details, we'll provide more information. 

On the home front, we've been busy with Bailey - preschool, gymnastics, 3-year-old drama, all things Frozen, Halloween festivities, and all sorts of other fun. I was gone for two weeks in early October and I struggle with how much she grows in such a short period of time.  I hate missing so many of those moments but I'm so proud of her and her adventurous, creative, curious, fun personality. 

Some friends have asked us if and how we're preparing Bailey for bringing a baby brother or sister home. We've been trying to explain what's going on as much as we appropriately and effectively can with a 3-1/2 year old.  We've been trying to explain to her that soon we'll be bringing a baby brother or sister home to her. As we've shared with her about her own story, her baby brother or sister will grow in another woman's belly but they're growing in our hearts. She's very excited about the idea of being a big sister and she keeps referring to her sibling-to-be as a brother. So maybe she knows something that I don't...

Please pray for us as we get further into the process, continuing to trust God for the provision of funding, and for Bailey as we continue to prepare her for when our baby arrives.  Please also pray for our future birth mother and that God will guide her no matter what decision she makes.  

And with that, some pictures!
First Day of Preschool!
I now feel VERY old...


Mama, tickets!!

Halloween festival - love the gloves and shoes!

Show off. :-)

Mailing our last documents to our agency

Fun at the pumpkin patch!

Practicing for her new sibling

Bailey meets Photo Booth!

Turtle Power...typical Saturday morning

Waiting for you!!

If she had her way, those training wheels would be gone. She's  fearless!

She loves her a Rockies game!

She gets her love for (non-dairy) ice cream from me. 

Chillin' at home

Rockin' some new swag

Fightin' on!

Oh. My. Sass.