Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Home Stretch

First things first - more pictures!! What else can I say that we haven't already said? This girl is going to have her way with me. Good thing I've already delegated discipline to Jenny :-)  Seriously though, I am humbled, privileged, and borderline terrified that God has entrusted such a precious, beautiful little girl to us.   

We're happy to report that there's been some progress in the process!!  Our I-600 was approved by the US government!! This is the document granting us permission to adopt her and bring her back to the US.  It's basically the first step of her becoming a citizen of the mighty US of A.  The approval of this form prompted the next step which was the securing of an interview date at the US Embassy in Kinshasa.  Our agency representative in Kinshasa will appear with her on our behalf at the interview which is scheduled for Friday, December 28th!! Please mark your calendars and pray that the interview goes smoothly!  

After the interview, the embassy will launch its final investigation and then approve her visa to the US.  The chart below (click it to view a larger version) does a great job of walking through the process and the heart shows where we are now.  Thanks for sharing this great flowchart with us, Michelle Lee! We're almost there!!

It could be just a matter of a few short weeks before we're on our way to meet and bring home our daughter. Those are sweet words, aren't they?!? 

Jenny prepared and submitted our visa applications earlier this week. I am so grateful for how she has taken on the never-ending tasks of compiling paperwork upon paperwork upon paperwork. She has been a workhorse on this stuff and has kept this whole process on track.  More proof that I married way up...

We should receive our visas in 1-2 weeks (probably more like 2 weeks due to the holidays) and then we await the call that we can book our flights!

We will celebrate her 11 month birthday soon but that should be the last birthday we celebrate without her!!