Saturday, June 15, 2013

Writer's Block

LL 109. If you're ever experiencing a little writer's block, just acknowledge it. Within minutes, you'll have enough material for the foreseeable future.  So it went for me on Tuesday.

Jenny, Bailey and I were on our way to spend a day in the mountains.  On the drive, I let it slip that I wanted to write a post but was having some trouble figuring out what to write.

We made it to St. Mary's Glacier, a beautiful glacier and lake.  I chose this hike because of the "beginner" label it had on a website.  I'm not sure that I'd call a rocky hike starting at 10,000+ feet with a steady incline for a mile a beginner hike, but what do I know. Just another reminder of how out of shape I am.  It was our first hike with Bailey and we tried out the fancy-shmansy carrier we got for her.  Oh, and the extra 20-lbs of Bailey on my back was a little added bonus.  She did great and seemed to enjoy it.

On our way back home, we needed to stop and run some errands. I stayed in the car with her for most of the stops - a part of our feeble attempt to get her to nap. It quickly became clear she was in no mood to sleep.

After this, things really got, ummm, let's say "interesting". 

There's one "hobby" of Bailey's that I haven't talked much about.  When she's bored, Bailey has been known to gag herself.  There you go. It is the most random, ridiculous thing, but I think it's just another way that she displays her curiosity. She sucks her thumb and sometimes decides to try out some other fingers.  When she does it, she makes a HILARIOUS face and then lets out a loud, awful gagging sound.  On the way home from the grocery store, Bailey began doing this over and over AND OVER again.  I could see her in the mirror and I couldn't stop laughing at the face she would make!  Jenny encouraged me to stop laughing because she just continued doing it and clarified that, although it was my birthday, I would be cleaning up the car if Bailey gags herself to the point of throwing up. You all see where this is going...

Not 30 seconds after she says this Bailey does it again and instantly a foul aroma fills the car. Yup. Bailey blew chunks all over herself and the car seat.  NASTY.  

LL 110. It evidently is now a tradition for someone to throw up in my car on my birthday. Last year: Jenny. This year: Bailey. Who will it be in 2014???

There's nothing fun about cleaning throw up off of an infant car seat, nor of ridding a car of that stink.  Not quite the way I'd prefer to wrap up my birthday, but it was a great day.  And I learned that I need to toughen up my poker face a bit and hide my laughter. Easier said than done.