Friday, July 25, 2014

I found my nickels!

Ah, toddler discovery...Bailey is SO curious these days. About food, people, animals, nature, BODY PARTS.  Oh, and she's not just curious, she's incredibly verbal (read: loud) about it.

Mama, I found my "nickels"!! They're so bumpy!!!!

And the parroting - not just of us, but of anyone within earshot of her.  It's not uncomfortable at all when she yells bits and pieces of conversations that complete strangers are having.  So thankful for a sense of humor.

I never could've imagined that Bailey would be as talkative as she is. Although there are moments of awkwardness, it is so much fun to see her be curious, express herself, and verbalize so much of what she sees and does. 

Over the 4th of July weekend, Bailey experienced a number of firsts:

First light rail ride & first Rockies game - shocker, they lost.

First hike up to the rock in Castle Rock and her first walking stick, because what 2 year old doesn't want a walking stick?

We've had Bailey home for almost a year and a half.  Good friends of ours left a week ago to go meet and bring their little boy home.  When I heard their news, I was quickly transported back to that afternoon in Dallas when I got the call from Jenny that it was go time.  I remember how the next 48+ hours were a total blur and before I knew it, we were in a van on the way to meet Bailey.  I remember holding her for the first time, finally having the child in my arms that I had been thinking of and praying for for months.  

And, I remember that "oh $*!t" moment when we walked into our hotel room with Bailey for our first night together. I was thrilled that I was finally able to care for my child, but also shellshocked that, just like that, I had a child to be responsible for, to love, to care for.  All of those months of waiting so quickly morphed into a new reality as a family of three.  I am so excited for our friends - will you please pray for their travel, their process, and their bonding time with their little one?  Such exciting, important days for this family.