Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Madness! LL 86-97

We've just returned home from our first trip with Bailey to California to spend time with family, see friends, and let's be honest, eat In-N-Out. I can't remember the last time I watched so little of the 1st two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. We had a great time but are all pretty tired from the trip...

86. There's nothing easy about traveling with a child. Never mind traveling with the actual child, just traveling with a car seat is ridiculous. Could those things be any more inconvenient to carry??? After another flight with Bailey I need to be much more gracious to those traveling with their children. It's exhausting! Even more props to those that have done this solo. Jenny - rightfully so - put me in my place more than once for doing things that I've complained about others doing. The eye-roller becomes the eye-rollee...I never realized I am such a travel diva.

87. Bailey, airplanes, and I don't have the chemistry I'd hoped for. I don't know what it is but taking her to the lavatory just brings the worst out of her. Two diapers (not the nice, clean kind) in less than 45 minutes on our flight to CA. At least I had a changing table this time...

88. Bailey can actually stand (and somehow seems to enjoy) the taste/texture of tofu. Number of people I know that can stand tofu:  1. I'm not man enough to try the stuff. Gross.

89. Bailey looks AWESOME in sunglasses.

90. Bailey's got a badongadonk. On the plane she heard some music and was dancing. Out of nowhere she sticks her bum out and it starts moving like its nobody's business. I swear it started controlling itself. Another one of those moments that as a dad you're never ready for...

See, even when she's sleeping it's got a mind of its own...

91. Bailey's teething...drool has become a fashion accessory for us. If there ain't drool, it ain't cool.

92. Bailey's starting to grow like crazy! She's now put on 3 1/2 pounds since we've been home and is adding weight at about 15 times the normal rate of kids her age - this is great news since she's still very behind the averages for her age.

93. She has such a playful sense of humor - her latest little game is offering a bite of food and then moving it away as you go in to eat it. I love watching her make herself laugh! 

94. I celebrated a little prematurely when I heard her say "dada" while looking right at me. Before I know it, she's saying it to her oatmeal, the tofu, her foot, the air...oh well, soon enough she'll be talking, and then it will NEVER end...

95. She's picking up some signs (yes, we're THOSE parents) and is recognizing more of what we say. It is so much fun helping her learn how to communicate.

96. Bailey drinks milk like she's a drunken sailor after a few pints. Hilarious. She hasn't stayed still long enough for me to get a picture of her flailing about, so this will have to do.

97. I think this is what pure joy looks like. So beautiful and carefree.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Adoption Video

We made a video highlighting much of the journey we've been on over the last 15+ months and those that have been on the journey with us. Some of you may be familiar with adoption "Gotcha Day" videos that capture the moment that parents were introduced to their children - well, this isn't one of those. We created the video as a gift for Bailey and as a way to share the journey with her from our perspective. Someday we'll be able to watch this with Bailey and celebrate the journey that brought us together as a family. We tried to capture our waiting and what we were doing while she was growing up on the other side of the world. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


This post isn't about Bailey, it isn't about me (shocking, I know). It's about Zia, a little girl that has dealt with a lot in her four short years of life. She's from DRC and is waiting to go home to her forever family. Stories like hers break my heart even more for the orphans around the world and make me hurt for those parents that are so desperately trying to be united with their children.

Please take a moment to look at Zia's story:

We were able to meet Zia when we were in Kinshasa bringing Bailey home. Zia is such a sweet little girl and we were able to see so much of her personality in the short time we visited. A few months ago, a visiting doctor noticed some concerning developments in Zia's health. The link above provides more detail. She went in for emergency surgery to remove fluid from around her heart and is in the ICU as I write. Keep in mind that this is life-saving surgery in Kinshasa which means it is very risky and not covered by insurance. Her mom is trying desperately to temporarily move to Kinshasa in the hopes that she can a) get Zia the best medical care possible, b) provide her with the much-needed love, attention, and one-on-one care that only a mother can provide, and c) get the US Embassy moving on Zia's investigation and visa, and d) petition for, and hopefully receive, a medically-expedited visa.

What can you do?
1. More than anything, pray. Pray for little Zia, pray for the Gormans, pray for complete healing and the granting of a medically-expedited visa so Zia can come home soon and receive the best treatments.
2. Consider supporting the Gormans to help cover Zia's medical costs and Brenda's travel/housing expenses. Without the financial support we received from so many of you, Bailey wouldn't be in our arms right now. We have witnessed the Lord's provision firsthand and are still blown away by this miracle. Please consider donating to help this family bring their daughter home.

These are the stories that remind me how important and needed adoption and orphan care are. But it can't be done in isolation. We must stand together as a community. Not just as a community of adoptive parents but as a community of people concerned for the well-being of the least of these, for these precious children so deserving of the love of a mother and father. We couldn't have done it without you, so please consider blessing this family too and helping care for Zia and bring her home.

Thanks for keeping Zia in your prayers.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Steps. Literally.

So it begins. 

83. These first steps bring so much joy, yet so much fear. Oh the places she'll go, the things she'll try to climb. All of a sudden furniture is my enemy, posing threats to my little girl's fragile (or so I think) body. Babyproofing takes on a whole new meaning. 

84. Bailey is FEARLESS.

85. With each new day Bailey seems to get more animated. It is so fun to see her little personality emerge. She is very curious, she loves dancing, and loves to play. She's "talking" a lot and seems to be recognizing more of what we say. Before we know it she'll be answering us and then we'll have those days when we'll be wishing for the quiet!