Saturday, March 23, 2013


This post isn't about Bailey, it isn't about me (shocking, I know). It's about Zia, a little girl that has dealt with a lot in her four short years of life. She's from DRC and is waiting to go home to her forever family. Stories like hers break my heart even more for the orphans around the world and make me hurt for those parents that are so desperately trying to be united with their children.

Please take a moment to look at Zia's story:

We were able to meet Zia when we were in Kinshasa bringing Bailey home. Zia is such a sweet little girl and we were able to see so much of her personality in the short time we visited. A few months ago, a visiting doctor noticed some concerning developments in Zia's health. The link above provides more detail. She went in for emergency surgery to remove fluid from around her heart and is in the ICU as I write. Keep in mind that this is life-saving surgery in Kinshasa which means it is very risky and not covered by insurance. Her mom is trying desperately to temporarily move to Kinshasa in the hopes that she can a) get Zia the best medical care possible, b) provide her with the much-needed love, attention, and one-on-one care that only a mother can provide, and c) get the US Embassy moving on Zia's investigation and visa, and d) petition for, and hopefully receive, a medically-expedited visa.

What can you do?
1. More than anything, pray. Pray for little Zia, pray for the Gormans, pray for complete healing and the granting of a medically-expedited visa so Zia can come home soon and receive the best treatments.
2. Consider supporting the Gormans to help cover Zia's medical costs and Brenda's travel/housing expenses. Without the financial support we received from so many of you, Bailey wouldn't be in our arms right now. We have witnessed the Lord's provision firsthand and are still blown away by this miracle. Please consider donating to help this family bring their daughter home.

These are the stories that remind me how important and needed adoption and orphan care are. But it can't be done in isolation. We must stand together as a community. Not just as a community of adoptive parents but as a community of people concerned for the well-being of the least of these, for these precious children so deserving of the love of a mother and father. We couldn't have done it without you, so please consider blessing this family too and helping care for Zia and bring her home.

Thanks for keeping Zia in your prayers.

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