Saturday, January 7, 2012


as in, "Our home study visits are dunzo!"  The third and final home study was pretty short and sweet.  Our discussion focused on parenting strategies and techniques, and some discussion about adoption-specific realities, challenges, and issues.  We chatted a little bit about diversity (or lack thereof) in Castle Rock, and how we plan to be intentional about introducing our child to other cultures and to experience diversity early and often.  

We also talked about our desire to incorporate Congolese culture and traditions into our family.  We're not quite sure what that will look like, but I'm excited to get to know Congo, learn about the tribal culture(s), traditions, celebrations, etc. DR Congo will forever be a part of our family heritage, and we hope our child will embrace it as well.  We hope to take a trip to Congo with our child some day so that our child can visit where he/she came from.  We have been told to expect little/no background information on our child but hope that we are pleasantly surprised with the amount of history that we will be able to share with him/her someday.

Our social worker Amy (pictured with us, below) told us that she didn't have any concerns about our home study and that we were a pretty "easy" case, so that's good news!  The next step is for her to write the report and submit it to the agency.  We'll get a copy that we can review, but once it is approved by the agency, they'll send it on to the state.  The state is the final approving body for the home study.  

As we wait for Amy to complete her report and submit it, we'll be researching and hopefully beginning the required adoptive parent training that we must complete - 24 hours of training!  

We've added a couple pages to the blog - one that lists the various costs (and timing of each) and a page with some information about DR Congo. And we're putting finishing touches on our shirt design, so watch for more information on that once they're ready.  We're hoping it will raise awareness about adoption and help us with some of the costs. Stay tuned!


  1. I read your blogspot with great interest. It is exciting to see how God has led you through this entire process thus far. Jan and I spent 2 years teaching in the DRC.....and we have so many fond memories. Terri was born there. You will enjoy so much traveling to the Congo and your baby will be beautiful....they all are. We will be praying for you.

  2. Congrats on the completed home visits!

  3. Found your blog today!!! Can't wait to see God unfold this journey before you. I've had my congolese cuties home for two months now and it's truly like having a long painful labor and once the baby comes you barely remember it and it's like a dream of sorts. (and it's also what keeps us going back for more) So keep it up friend!! Hey, I tried to look up your agency but couldn't find a link... People are always asking me for agency recommendations so I'd love to know more about yours. Here is my blog (you can just leave a comment with the agency name on there if you want) Praying for you guys!!!!! Let me know if you need ANYTHING!!!