Sunday, July 15, 2012

You're Getting So Big!

To our little girl,
It's hard to believe that you are already 5 months old! As every month goes by, we hope that we don't have to celebrate too many more big days without you. One perk is that I keep getting to eat yummy treats but it's not the same without you. 

Your mom and I cherish the few pictures we have received of you but we anxiously await more pictures to see how big you're getting! We hope that all of our care packages are getting to you and that your caregivers are taking good care of you.  

We are praying that the judge in your city will hear your case and make a final decision, as we've been told he will do by the end of this week.  After this, it could just be a couple short months until we're on our way to meet you and bring you home.  

As we wait, we've started to get your nursery ready.  I built my first crib and it hasn't fallen apart yet!  Seeing that crib in your room, I think I finally realized something...I'm a dad.  I'm YOUR dad.  God has entrusted you to me and your mom and I've got to do my best not to mess you up! 

I promise that I will do all I can to love you in everything I do as your dad and to help you be the happiest little girl you can be.  I apologize in advance for the times I won't get it right but I promise to love you unconditionally and bring my best self to my responsibilities as your father. I will be present and not let competing distractions pull me away from you or your mom.

We picnicked in Washington Park yesterday and as we watched all of the families walking around the park, I envisioned the day when that will be us.  Hopefully by then, Abby won't be barking at every dog that dares walk past her.

As I write you this note, your Uncle Todd and Aunt Beth are in Russia getting ready to bring your cousin Sammy home to Iowa.  We are so excited for them and look forward to meeting him soon!

We hope to have more news soon about when we get to bring you home.  We pray for you every day and continue to pray that you are healthy and happy.  We pray we get to see you soon.

I love you my precious little girl,

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