Friday, November 16, 2012

Inching closer...

So our big news is that we finally were able to submit our I-600 to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services!!  This set of documents is what will allow our daughter to come to the US and was our last big set of paperwork.  They were just FedEx'd on Tuesday and the process of approval can take anywhere from 23 days to 3 months once they are received.  PLEASE pray for speedy processing and that we receive her approval quickly.

We need this approval to schedule a visa interview with the US Embassy in Kinshasa.  It sounds like they are scheduling interviews 2 weeks out at this point.  Then after the interview is complete, another 2-3 weeks to conclude the embassy's investigation into our daughter's orphan status. And then we travel!! Obviously, we are hoping that all this happens on the shorter side of the estimations.  We are praying for a miracle and that she is able to come home before the end of the year.  

Prayer requests:
1) That our I-600 paperwork is processed quickly and we are sent approval as soon as possible.  Holidays are coming up and we know that government offices (as well as our agency's) will be closed.

2) That the federal adoption tax credit will be extended and passed as a permanent measure.  The current credit is set to expire in December and starting in January, will be limited to special needs adoptions out of US foster care.  There are bills currently in the House and Senate that would make the tax credit permanent (not expiring every few years) and inclusive of international adoptions (like it is now) starting in 2013.  We, like thousands of other families, need this credit to help build our families!

3) For peace - We expected our daughter to be home last month so having this process drag on for a few more months is at times unbearable, especially around the holidays.  Our prayer is that we will have peace that surpasses all understanding and use this extra time wisely.

And now, the cuteness you've been waiting for...

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