Sunday, August 11, 2013

On Becoming My Father

A new favorite picture
BFFs, can't you tell?!?

Congratulations universe, you win.

I'm sure you've got a list of all of those things your dad said when you were a kid that you swore you'd NEVER say when you were the parent.  I've got a list of those in my head from when I was a kid.  Don't get me wrong, my dad is the man, but until you're a parent, you always think you'll do it differently and never have these crazy things come out of your mouth.


Just since our little road trip, I'm catching myself saying "those things I thought I'd never say" more and more...

A few examples:
  • No running in the house - Bailey's walking phase lasted about 45 seconds, and has since turned into an all-out sprint.
  • Don't talk to your mother that way - I'm hoping it won't be until the teenage years when I need to pull this one one because of WHAT Bailey says. Right now, it's HOW she talks. It's never too early to teach respect, and that there's a decibel level that is appropriate, especially when addressing her mom.
  • Don't make me turn this car around - In our case on our road trip, it would have been, "Don't make me continue driving in the direction we're going because we're headed in the direction of home." Anywho, there is only so much time anyone can stand being in a car and that limit is reduced exponentially for a young child.  Bailey had had enough and was letting us know, and I had had enough of her letting us know. Although the words came out of my mouth, to date I have "turned the car around" as many times as my dad did. :-) But man, were his threats SERIOUS. Fear. Of. God.
In other news...
  • Bailey won't smile for pictures.  See:
  • Bailey hasn't begun potty training yet but she loves her potty. This is a common pre-bath ritual. It doesn't make sense to us either.
  • Bailey's hair is getting really long.  We need to start styling it or at least trying. I can't wait to share those stories. This could take her relationship with us (and by "us", I mean Jenny) to a whole new level. 


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog while doing adoption research. My husband and I are going through the process and are at the point where we have to select a country. I was wondering about first the safety in the DRC and is there anything that your agency did that you thought was helpful or pertinent to traveling to the country?

  2. Hi there,
    Email me at and I'd be happy to answer your questions in more detail! :)