Monday, April 2, 2012

8 weeks old!

A few updates from the past few weeks:
1) We finally got our home study approval back from the state!  It first had to be approved by the state, then notarized and then certified.  Whew!  It's good to finally have that hurdle out of the way.  

2) Last week we took a trip up to the Colorado Secretary of State to get our dossier documents state certified, which means they verify the authenticity and standing of the notaries that notarized them.  We stopped at our agency first to get a few documents notarized and to drop off the first of our care "packages" for our daughter.  We are able to pay to send a gallon-sized plastic bag full of goodies to her that the agency will package together with all of the other adoptive families' care packages to send over once a month.  Our bag was full of clothes and pacifiers this time around.  Turns out that Travis' wonderful packing abilities extend to baby clothes as well!  

3)  We celebrated our baby girl turning 8 weeks old.  I think Abby will definitely be a fan of these monthly photos! 

 We are anxiously awaiting more pictures and an update of our little girl!  Our agency's director is in DRC right now with families that are bringing home their kids and we've loved reading about and seeing pictures from their journeys.  We are praying for patience during this time and surrender to aspects of this process that are out of our control.

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