Thursday, April 4, 2013


Some more firsts for us as a family of 3 as we celebrated Easter:

  • Back to church for the first time. Bailey lasted through a couple songs before she started making her restlessness known. She and I instead enjoyed some time outside until the service ended. Baby steps...the next step will be taking her to nursery. This seems like a HUGE step but we're getting more comfortable with the idea...
  • Bailey's first experience with the Easter bunny - no problem! I was expecting her to be afraid but she didn't seem to mind. We even managed a partial smile!
  • Bailey experienced her first (and second) Easter egg hunts - one with our church which included eggs dropped from a helicopter, and one with the family.

Yes, that's Bailey stealing an egg from her cousin's basket.  She DID return it shortly after. :-)

98. Bailey makes some HILARIOUS faces when she's waiting for the next bite at meal time.

99. For a 1-yr old, Bailey has some guns! Look at that left bicep! :-)

100. Bailey loves basketball. I'm pretty sure she's more interested in dancing to the song that plays after the ball goes through the hoop, but I'll take what I can get!

101. It's hard to believe that we've been home with Bailey for over two months.  It feels like she's been with us forever, yet it also seems like we just got home. It's wild to look back and see how far we've come in two short months, and how much she's grown and developed.  She is taking more steps, understanding more of what we say, and getting bigger, stronger, healthier each and every day. As my travel schedule begins to pick up I cringe at what I'm going to miss. These moments just come and go so quickly and it's way too easy to let competing priorities distract us from what's important. Before we know it she'll be running around the house and talking! It truly is amazing to witness how quickly children grow and change in these early months/years.

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