Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Music in Her Head

I wish I slept this peacefully...

We got together with some other families from our agency that have recently brought home their children from DRC - we had a fun day at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. It was fun to see Bailey with some of her old friends from the transition house!

The museum was fun, although with a 14-month old we pretty much stayed in the toddler section and hung out with Mr. Bones (a "paleo-puppeteer").

Bailey had fun looking at this bear...

...and herself in the mirrors.

But more than anything, she enjoyed dancing, this time to the music in her head.  We've seen her do this more and more, so I consider this a new learning - Bailey loves dancing to the music in her head (#103). The music may stop, but Bailey just keeps on dancing. We got some good video (see below) until the girl at the end of the video decided to video-bomb Bailey. 

It's amazing how much she's grown in the 45 days or so since we posted a video of her first steps! I knew that she would grow quickly but I guess I never comprehended just how quickly the progression would be. She is walking consistently without needing help, she's hopping a little, and moves so quickly!

What's really surprised me is how much she understands (#104). I think Jenny and I were a little concerned at first because it seemed so difficult to communicate with/to Bailey. Now she seems to understand so much - so many words, signs, emotions, expressions. I'm blown away as I just watch her observe and learn. She is a very curious little kid.

She's starting to love books (#105)! We joked that she just loved to chew them but now she'll grab one and find the nearest lap. It's easy to forget that Bailey may never have seen a book until we showed her one.

She's figured out how zippers work (#106). This is how Jenny found her this morning!

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