Saturday, December 14, 2013

Going Under

One way to cure writer's block - watch your child go under anesthesia.  We had to take Bailey in for a small endoscopic procedure that required her to go under so that the doctor could insert a tube into her intestine so they could take some biopsies. This is the latest attempt in trying to diagnose Bailey's stomach issues.  

Watching the process of Bailey going from awake and alert to out cold was quick, but watching her eyes roll back was something I'd prefer not to see.  

And unfortunately, the process of gaining consciousness and coherency didn't go as nicely as, say, this guy:

Sure, there were tears, but A LOT more screaming. Never thought I'd hear a nurse explain the behavior was as if my 22-month-old just had her first drink. I guess Bailey's a sad, angry drunk!!

Bailey did great, all things considered.  Hopefully that's the last hospital visit of the year!

A lot has happened since our last post.  Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone, and we're bearing down on Christmas. College football and the NFL seasons are winding down. It's been so fun to enjoy these moments with Bailey. She LOVES Christmas lights, our Christmas tree, her nativity, Santa,  and the other things that go along with Christmas.  It's pretty cool to have a child who can verbalize her excitement as she experiences these seasons for the first time.  

Here are some pictures:

Touchdown!! Sadly, Bailey didn't get to celebrate too many of these for the Trojans this year...

Bailey's first Halloween - Cookie Monster!

And her sidekick Oscar!

Bailey's first picture with Santa - she's not impressed!

I sound like a broken record but it is ridiculous how quickly Bailey grows.  When I'm gone for even just a day or two, it seems like she grows so much. She is in full-blown mimic's getting more and more dangerous for me to have her in the car with me. Thankfully the worst she's picked up so far: darn, shoot, and geez!

Bailey helping me work

Bailey loves orange wedges!

Thanks for the crown Uncle Danny!

Bailey and her buddy Sully! Not sure why he's in Abby's crate...

This look gives me chills.  I hope I never see this one again. Brrr...

More to come soon on adoption #2!!

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