Thursday, October 17, 2013

No, No, Bailey...don't pick Harold's nose!

Growing up, my grandpa used a number of catchy phrases to impart his wisdom to us.  One especially stuck with me.

"You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose."

Yep, Bailey's latest discovery - nose picking.  And not just her nose.  Mama's, dada's, even Abby's! Her stuffed animals, baby dolls, and Harold have all been victims of her invasive nose picking attacks. I was FaceTiming with Jenny and Bailey last week and witnessed her surprise attack on Jenny, her nose-picking index finger at the ready. Let's be honest, it's a giant step up from last post's discovery. Let's hope both of these pass soon...

This week, Bailey got her groove back and started dancing A LOT again.  It's been a while but she won't stop.  She's expanding her music preferences and isn't partial to just one genre.  (These are for your little one, Brody!) The latest playlist includes Single Ladies...

...and some nice classical music.  Here she shows of her conducting skills. So funny!

I experienced my first grocery store meltdown with Bailey last week. With it being Halloween season, a grocery store display had a large inflatable Frankenstein. Bailey took one look and FLIPPED OUT. I ran the cart as fast as I could to another aisle but Bailey could see it until we turned down a row with the pet supplies. It took a lot of puppy pictures, and her favorite Cookie Monster balloon, to finally stop looking around me in fear that Frankenstein was going to come get her. Since then, she makes a "monster face" every time she is a little scared or sees another monster. We hope she does okay on her first Halloween!

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