Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daddy-Daughter Time - Day 1

Jenny left this afternoon for 6 nights away for the Created for Care adoptive moms retreat and some additional R&R. For the better part of the next 6 days, it's me and Bailey.  Let the games begin!

I'm excited for all of the daddy-daughter time Bailey and I will have. And I am really excited that Jenny gets some much deserved rest and relaxation, and a chance to connect with some new friends.  

If the first 8 hours are any indication, I expect to sleep really well each night.  Within minutes of saying goodbye to Jenny at the airport, Bailey was very unhappy to only see one airplane and one large scary blue horse with crazy eyes as we made our way home. 

After a few efforts to divert her attention she finally settled on playing with her feet for the next 30 minutes, only to fall asleep 10 minutes before we got home.  That was all the nap she was interested in today.  Her "nap" in the crib consisted of getting her arm stuck between the mattress and the crib frame (I think that was a first), smuggling some books into the crib for some reading and ripping, and pretty much doing anything to avoid falling asleep. 

I eventually gave in, got her up, and we enjoyed a nice short trip to Safeway to get some groceries and her usual treat.

Thirty-or-so minutes later, the cookie was just a distant memory. Back home from Safeway I decided to let Abby back in from outside. Evidently Bailey was looking forward to doing this, even though I've seen her open the back door one. Maybe. 

A photo couldn't capture the stomping and flailing, but that larger than life tear tells the story.

Although giving Abby her treat was hardly a consolation in Bailey's mind, she finally gave in.  Moments later, she's sprawled on the tile floor...snow angel time!!

Bailey then proceeded to "help" me with dinner, her interest and attention span lasting all of 30 seconds. I'm thinking our dinners are going to be nice and simple, and can't burn easily.  Keeping tabs on Bailey and food simultaneously is no small task.  

I'm excited for our adventures over the next six days.  It's going to be hard work but it will give me just a small taste of what Jenny has to handle 60-some-odd days per year.

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