Sunday, March 9, 2014

Halfway Home - Day 4

Oh the best laid plans...

I had planned on posting "regularly" while Jenny was gone.  After the first full 24 hours came and went, I realized that was a ridiculously overzealous and unlikely plan.

Since Thursday night my evenings (after putting Bailey down) have been a struggle to get off the couch and do anything productive.  

Some highlights and thoughts from the weekend so far:

  • The more interactive tasks can be for Bailey, the better chance they'll go well.  Diaper changes, getting dressed, bath time, brushing her teeth - if she can participate, she wants to. If I don't let her participate, things tend to get "interesting" quickly.
  • Chuck E. Cheese is a little scary. For so many reasons. I think the overstimulation got to me more than it did Bailey!
  • Bailey started randomly singing "Jesus Loves Me" on Friday morning.  I'm not going to kid myself into thinking she knows what all she's saying, but there's something absolutely beautiful about a 2-yr singing about Jesus.  
  • Bailey counted to 10. Correctly!  She had been skipping #6 and repeating 7, 8, and 9 a few times before coming to 10, so I see that as progress!
  • Jenny left me nice notes and treats around the house.  She's so good at doing these little things to show me how much she loves me and appreciates that we were able to make this work for her to get away.  I love her generous heart.
  • Not to be forgotten, Abby has pooped herself twice and she peed on the floor mat this morning. Thanks Abby, for reminding me that at times you're higher maintenance than a child.
  • In my quest to make sure Bailey is taken care of and looks presentable, my appearance on the other hand...
    • I shaved my head this morning. Well, I shaved most of my head, unknowingly missing a large unshaved patch of hair.  I was completely oblivious until a friend gently pointed it out at lunch...
    • I was on the way out the door to church this morning until I realized I was wearing jeans and just an undershirt.
    • At church I realized that I hadn't finished buttoning my shirt. 
On to the pictures...

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  1. No one tells stories like you Travis. ABSOLUTELY hilarious! You all are a beautiful family. Sounds like your daughter has a lot of your personality. Love this post.