Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fundraiser #2 - Noonday!

Our 2nd fundraiser kicking off this week is through Noonday Collection.  If you've never heard of Noonday, it was started by an adoptive mama who met talented jewelry artisans in Uganda who wished to create dignified jobs in their community.  She brought some of their jewelry home to share with her friends and Noonday Collective was born.  They partner with 30 artisan businesses in 13 countries - impacting 2,000 artisans and their 8,800 family members.  If you like businesses that support empowering women around the world, then Noonday is for you! 

The fundraiser is starting today but their new line launches tomorrow!  Check out everything Noonday has to offer HERE and thanks in advance for your support! (This is the link you need to use so that we get credit for your order!)

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