Monday, August 3, 2015

Our profile book...or why I've been staying up until midnight for the past 3 weeks

Jenny here...I finished our profile book this past weekend (insert HUGE sign of relief!).  I was sure it would be the death of me.  This 15 page Shutterfly book is what birth mothers and fathers will be looking at to decide who will parent their babies.  Just picture trying to encapsulate all your values, what you stand for, your parenting style, and your vision for your children in pictures and words in 15 pages.  Oh and there’s a strict guideline from our agency as to what needs to be on each page.   

To say that I overanalyzed this would be putting it mildly….do I include the picture of Penny dressed up in her Halloween costume (why did I pick the French maid outfit for her first Halloween?!?)?  What if a birthmom thinks it’s weird to dress up your pet?  Does Bailey’s hair look okay in this picture?  What if a birthmom doesn’t like the super cute font I picked because she doesn’t like cursive writing?  Can I use a chevron background on two back-to-back pages or does that look lazy?  In the end, I had to keep reminding myself that God will send us the child that is meant for our family, regardless if I chose the herringbone background or the chevron one.

I do like the way it turned out.  I would’ve loved to be more creative with the format but it is what it is.  As I was working on each page, I prayed over each of them and what they would convey to those reading it.  Once our agency approves our book, I will be able to upload it to Shutterfly, order copies and send them to our agency to begin showing them to birth families!!  I’m going to order a copy for us in addition to the 5 our agency needs so I’ll be showing it off in person soon!

The completion of this next step means that we’ve also been busy applying for adoption grants and continuing to sell our garage sale leftovers on the Facebook buy/sell/trade pages to fundraise.  I had to cancel the fundraising party I was hosting at our house because I picked a Sunday that hardly any people could attend.  In place of that, we’re launching 3 online fundraisers this week – today is Jamberry nails, Wednesday will be Noonday and Friday will be Pampered Chef.  Each one will go for a week or so and I’ll post on FB when the links are ready.  I’m also working on our t-shirts which I’m very excited about!

Here is the info for today’s fundraising launch: My friend Megan Allwein has offered to donate her commission from the sale of Jamberry nails to our adoption fund.  I gave myself a Jamberry pedicure in the spring and I had them on 6 weeks before I decided to take them off but they could’ve stayed on much longer!  They’re easy to take off and even safe for little girls’ fingers and toes!  No drying time, no harsh chemicals and here are TONS of patterns and colors to choose from.  You can even upload your own designs into their Design Studio. 

Megan set up a Jamberry Facebook “party” for me but apparently you can only invite 500 people and I reached the limit!  I did the invite list alphabetically so if I missed you, you can still order at and be sure to select “Jenny Cramer’s Fundraiser” at checkout.  Once you place your order, you can expect your wraps to arrive within 7-10 days. 

Thank you in advance for your support!  We so appreciate your generosity and helping us to add to our family!  

PS Just got word as I was typing this that our profile book has been APPROVED!!! Yahooooooo!!!  Off to go order on Shutterfly…

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  1. This is awesome! Good luck and your family is in my thoughts!