Monday, November 16, 2015


In the chaos that is shopping at Jo-Ann Fabrics close to the holidays with a 3 year old that thinks Swiper the Fox and Captain Hook are hiding down every aisle, we got the call we've been waiting for - we've been matched!  This means that a birth mom looked at our profile book and chose us to be the parents of her child.   We had our profile book shown to other birth moms a few times in the past three weeks since we became an "active" family so are so excited to be matched and much faster than we expected!

It's a boy and he is due in early January!  We are so excited to love on a new baby and his precious birth mother.  We are optimistic that this will be the child we've been praying for but know that there is always a possibility that our birth mother will choose to parent her child.  We are praying for God's will to be done either way and that we will be able to show our birth mom His love in the process.  

Please do not mention anything to Bailey about this as we are trying to protect her heart in case this doesn't work out.  She knows that she will be a big sister when we adopt again and we know that she'll fall hard for whichever baby God has chosen for us.

God is so good!  Thank you for walking beside us, especially in prayer.  Here are our prayer requests for this next stage of our adoption process: 

1) For our expectant mother - for clarity in her decisions and continued good health

2) For our future son - for continued growth and development

3) For our relationship with our birth mother - One of the reasons we chose our agency is because they emphasize loving birth families BIG and WELL.  Pray that we will be able to do that - with our thoughts, our words and our prayers.

4) For Bailey - that God will prepare her heart to be a big sister and that she will have a smooth transition from only to oldest child

5) For our finances - we are trusting that God will continue to provide the finances we need to complete this adoption, just as He did with Bailey's.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far.

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