Friday, December 18, 2015

Next Steps

We want to provide a quick update on our situation with the adoption. Since being informed of our failed match last week, we've been processing what happened, healing, and moving forward. We don't know why it happened but we have faith in God's perfect plan and timing.

We've been working through paperwork and discussions to close out the contract and get unused funds returned to us. We were liable for the living expenses, counseling and legal work that had already been completed/paid out. We were concerned that we'd be out close to $10,000 but we thank the Lord we're only out $1,700.

That was still a financial blow to us but once again, God provided! A few days before the match fell through, we were notified of a $1,000 grant and others have blessed us with ~$600 this week, so we've almost recovered all of the funds lost to the failed match!

Today we were added back on the "active" list and are eligible to be matched again by having our profile shown to expectant moms. Please pray that we will be matched again quickly! Thank you!!

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