Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home Study

Our first home study visit is this afternoon!  We are excited to get going on the next step in this process.  We will have the first of 3 home study visits today with the social worker assigned to our adoption.  Please pray with us that this meeting goes well, and that we're able to schedule the next two soon.  We want to knock this step out as quickly as possible!

In other news, we have been blessed by many friends, family, and unlikely sources who have so generously contributed to the financial needs of this process.  To date, we have raised just over 15% of the resources needed, so we are making progress! If you would like to support us financially in this process, you can donate via PayPal through our blog.  If you'd prefer to send a check, email us at and we'll send you our address.

We appreciate your prayers & support!

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