Friday, December 30, 2011

One down, two to go

Our first home study visit is behind us, and it went extremely well. We didn't know what to expect going in to our meeting with our social worker. Amy, the social worker conducting our home study, was very friendly, and we had a great conversation. 

Topics primarily covered the basics - who we are, how we met, why we want to adopt, why we chose DR Congo, interests, etc., and also included a walk through of our house. It was fun to have the chance to share our journey a bit with Amy, as she will play a big part in the process, since she's responsible for writing a report that is submitted to the agency, the state of Colorado, and, if approved, to DR Congo. We are thankful for Amy and for the role she'll play in the process. 

We were able to get a little more information on the home study process from her and we are confident that we will "pass"!  She estimated the entire home study process will take roughly two months. We have the final two visits scheduled and will complete these within the next ten days. The next home study visit will include separate one-on-one interviews, as well as discussion/questionnaires about our families, histories, etc. 

The third and final visit will be to discuss parenting strategies and what we are doing to prepare to raise an internationally-adopted child.  

After this, the home study is completely out of our hands, and we wait for our agency to approve it before it's sent onto the state. We are hopeful that we'll receive an excellent report that should be formally approved by the appropriate parties by the end of February.  

I expected this part of the process to take much longer, so this timing is a pleasant surprise to me.  I'm so grateful that Jenny tackled so much of the paperwork early, enabling us to complete and submit the paperwork within a week after getting the application.  This has helped expedite the process for us.  

Amy had very good things to say about our adoption agency (she is not an employee but contracts with ALBB for the home studies of their international adoption families), and praised them for their integrity and ethics.  It is reassuring to know that we are entrusting this process to an organization that conducts its business in such a manner.  It is another endorsement to add to the list of those we've seen or heard about ALBB. We're excited for our next meeting with Amy, next Thursday!


  1. Congrats! We brought our son home from Ethiopia last February, and our friends brought home a little boy from DRC early last year. Let me know if you want their contact info and I'll send it. God bless!

    Haleyballast (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Too bad not all future parents have to go through something like this....seems like the world would be a better place. You guys will "pass" with flying colors and be great parents!

  3. So do you guys know what age of kid you are getting? Do you get to pick, or is it "take what you get" kind of thing?