Saturday, December 3, 2011

Waiting for You...

We were able to get certified copies of our birth and marriage certificates last week when we were in California for Thanksgiving.  I'm pretty sure that the clerk at the records office was not amused by me taking pictures.


Travis and I had to get fingerprinted (and do a lot of other paperwork procedures) on our lunch breaks so please excuse the self-portraits.

Mailing our fingerprints

Mailing our home study documents

I saw an idea on another blog that I loved - taking pictures with a "Waiting for You" sign in different places with different people to document our waiting period. First up is dinner with Gianna, my best friend from high school.

We drove up to LA for some delicious Diddy Riese cookies in Westwood.  My crazy red eyes show just how good these cookies are.

This is us on campus at USC the day before the big game versus UCLA.  Tommy Trojan always gets wrapped in duct tape to protect him from the evil Bruins.  We won 50-0 in case you didn't watch and dance around the living room like Travis did.

 We had a chance to spend time with my family and cuddle with my super-cute nephew, Cole.

I am very proud that this is the only thing we did to Danny while he was sleeping.

The Ackermans (minus James as photographer)

We hope to someday turn all these pictures into a photo book for a child to chronicle all the people who were waiting with us and all the places we went wishing he/she was there. 

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  1. So awesome...
    "Waiting For You" - the tittle of a wonderful ministry reflecting Christs call to us. I am so proud of you two for taking on such a tremendously important and life changing journey. (Eddie)