Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I imagined how and when we'd receive our referral, I had romantic visions of how it would look when we first saw the picture of our son or daughter.  Turns out it happened in a Chili's parking lot and I wouldn't change it for the world.

We got a call from Kelly, our agency's director, that she had a referral for us and she was sending it to us via email.  This was completely a surprise since we had just sent in our contract and fees last week and were prepared to wait for our little one for quite a while.  We were just pulling in to Chili's and we frantically looked for a parking space so that we could get our good news.  I made a mental note to thank Travis for getting me a phone that could actually get email!  We waited anxiously for the huge email to load onto my phone and when it finally did, this is the beautiful face that was staring up at us:

This is our daughter!  Because of security reasons, our agency has suggested that we withhold her name and other identifying information but we have pictures to share!

Words cannot describe our emotions right now and how much we wish we could fly over there and scoop her up and bring her home.  Our agency is estimating that we will be able to bring her home 6 months from the time her dossier is received in DR Congo.  We are working diligently on it now and hope for it to be done very soon so that she can start the legal adoption process both here in the States and overseas.

No matter how much one may enjoy the food at Chili's, that meal is a complete blur to us.  All we could do was stare at the pictures of this precious baby girl...

Please keep the prayers coming... that our daughter is being loved and cuddled and is well-fed and safe.  Please also pray that our dossier preparation will go smoothly and without any complications.  Pray that there will be no unforeseen bumps in our journey. We are anxious to get our baby home!


  1. The best things in life happen in a Chili's parking lot.

    Very excited for both of you, and I will keep the things you mentioned in my prayers.

  2. Congratulations!! How exciting! She's beautiful! We, too, are with ALBB. We just sent in our dossier last week and have been matched with a waiting child in Lubumbashi... Do you know what region your daughter is in? We're on a similar timeline right now, so maybe we'll travel near one another! Have you heard about how we can send care packages? And what the size requirements are for each one? We are still trying to figure that out. Congratulations again!