Thursday, February 16, 2012

Officially waiting for a referral!

Travis mentioned in his last post about how grateful we are to our family and friends (and strangers!) who have blessed us financially in this process.  I would echo his sentiments and can't help but wonder if this is all in God's plan to have the ones we love the most to play such an integral part of bringing our baby home.  

We reached the point this week where we had raised enough money to be able to turn in the paperwork and fees to our agency to be able to accept a referral.  Travis was able to drive up to our agency yesterday and hand-deliver our paperwork.

 This means we are officially waiting (versus all of the unofficial waiting we've been doing!) to see who our little boy or girl is!  The hardest part is knowing that we could get that important call within hours or months; it's just not certain what the time-frame will be.  A referral usually includes a photo, basic medical information as well as any family information that is known.  Once we accept the referral, we are "matched" and we start the process of bringing him/her home.  We are anxiously awaiting the call but know that we are so fortunate to even be in this situation that it makes the waiting a little easier.

I was able to partake in a conference call with our agency and other families adopting from DR Congo this afternoon and it was so encouraging to hear from families that were in our shoes just a few short months ago and are now just waiting for word that they can travel to pick up their children.  It is crazy to think that we might be celebrating Christmas with our little one!  It makes me smile to type that and although I hope it's a lot sooner than December, I know that God is painstakingly and diligently preparing our hearts to be parents.

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