Monday, May 20, 2013

Four Months

Four months ago. We met Bailey four months ago. She was such a tiny, reserved little girl, barely walking, unable to understand us. How quickly things can change.

Just four short months later Bailey is animated, walking, talking (her own language, but it's getting close!), signing, learning, all with more confidence each day. What follows is a little brag session about how much she's grown since we met her in her little Nike headband.
When we met Bailey she couldn't hold her own bottle.  Now, she's helping herself to some corn on the cob!

We've talked a lot about how much Bailey signs and we finally have some video evidence! She's taken some liberties in revising the signs a bit, but we know what she means!

She even likes to brush her teeth!

We've recently enjoyed a number of firsts with Bailey in addition to the corn on the cob...

First trip to the zoo and first carousel ride!

First ride in a wagon...with Abby!

And the first dinner date for me and Jenny since we brought Bailey home. Jenny surprised me with a nice dinner out and we left a sleeping Bailey at home with a good friend!

This isn't a first, but I just can't get enough of this face. :-)

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