Friday, May 31, 2013

Pause Button

LL 106. It is shocking how quickly Bailey is growing.  I knew that it would fly by but I wish we could just slow it down a little bit.  I love that she's growing but selfishly I want these early "baby" days to go by in slow motion. I want to press a pause button so I can soak these moments in just a little bit longer.  

In the last handful of days Bailey has said her first words (Mama, dada, baby, and Abby), is walking without needing any help and is hopping. She's climbing stairs, brushing her teeth and combing her hair, opening the garage door and setting our alarm.  My little girl's all grown up! :-(  

All selfishness aside, I am consistently amazed at how much Bailey is growing everyday. I've heard many people say that the first couple years are so significant because children don't change more in such a short period of time as they do in these early years. Truth.

Here's Bailey saying a couple words, sort of...

LL 107. While I am so proud of how much she's growing, it also has its, um, challenges.  She's learned how to use her legs, and she's freakishly strong.  Changing her has become an adventure and I haven't quite mastered keeping her on her bum. The second that diaper is off she's rolling over getting ready to make a run for it. 

LL 108. Bailey loves making this old man face. I love it.

This weekend I've got some serious daddy-daughter time...hopefully she'll make it through the weekend without too many scars. I thought about braving the pool with her, but I'm more concerned about how I'll get her into her bathing suit and sunscreen on her.  That could be disastrous. Surely this sweet-as-can-be 20-lb, 15-month old can't defeat me that easily. Can she?

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