Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ER visit #1... (LL # 48 & 49)

103.4. That was the thermometer reading yesterday afternoon that prompted our first ER visit with Bailey.  Not bad - only took us 8 days!

In all seriousness, the last 36 hours haven't been easy, especially for Bailey. Since we met her in DRC, she's been severely congested and sounds like she's purring when she breathes. We have been trying to address the congestion but the last 36 hours other symptoms emerged - vomiting, diarrhea, etc.  The temperature reading of 103.4 was the final straw that we needed to take action. Our pediatrician recommended we go to the ER considering her high fever and the area of DRC she is from so we jumped in the car and drove 4 minutes to the ER (we LOVE that a new ER/hospital is so close to our home!!). 

Within minutes, the nursing staff was checking Bailey out. The doctor came in and let us know that she would be testing Bailey for the flu and she ordered an IV and other tests. Bailey, already exhausted from the symptoms and the initial tests, proceeded to provide an unsolicited stool sample. :-) She got a souvenir because of it - a Bailey-sized hospital gown!

The IV unfortunately was a complete disaster - the nurses were 0 for 4 in their attempts to find a vein!! They said this is common with young children, especially those as tiny as Bailey. That doesn't make it any less painful for her nor any easier as a father to watch your daughter get stuck 4 times for nothing!  It was awful!  So, after 4 failed attempts the nurses decided to give up on the IV for fluids.  They gave her Advil, Tylenol, and then ordered a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia.  The test results showed she had Influenza A and was given a prescription for Tamiflu.  

So she's been pretty lethargic over the last couple days.  It is so hard to see her in pain and be so helpless. We're praying that she's able to keep some food down and return to her normal, happy self.  ER visit #1 done & I'm sure there are many more to come, though hopefully not anytime soon.

LL # 48. I'm learning that watching your child suffer is one of the worst feelings in the world.  Right up there with watching your wife suffer or making your wife cry (not that I have EVER done that...).

LL #49. Once we get the bill for the ER visit, I'll learn why my Dad always groaned (he did a good job of hiding it from me at the time) when I broke bones or did other well-thought-through things to myself that required urgent medical attention. Thanks Pops for being so patient with me/my brothers...

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