Sunday, February 17, 2013

Healthy! (LL 61-71)

We've been getting a lot of questions about how we're doing, and for some reason, requests for more posts! Last week was the first week that I was back to work full time, making the days seem even crazier and the "spare time" minimal. Real life... :-)

Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and encouragement. Last week was a great one and Bailey seems to be getting healthier and happier with each new day.

We think that we are developing a strong, solid bond with Bailey. The recurring ER visits could have had the opposite impact on her relationship with us but it seems to have accelerated some of the attachment we've been praying for. Being able to care for her and helping restore her health have certainly helped!

As she has started to feel better, we've been able to experience a number of "firsts" with her:

- first trip to the library

- first trip to Target & the grocery store

- first lunch date with Mom and Dad - yep, we're THAT exciting.

- first Valentine's dinner date with Mom and Dad

- first lunch with Grandma & Grandpa

- first night at home alone with Dad (GULP)
- first grocery store outing alone with Dad (GULP)

I can honestly say Bailey made it through these (especially the last two) unscathed!

One fun story about the library...Bailey was sitting in a rocking chair and a boy a little older than her pulled up a rocking chair right next to hers, gave Bailey a book to read and picked out one for himself and started rocking and "reading" away.  They were so cute!

It's so much fun to watch her experience these things for the first time.

We seem to be working into a nice routine as a family and are LOVING all the time we get to spend with Bailey, continuing to get to know her and fall more and more in love with her.

61. The mimicking is starting to pick up speed - we've got a number of things we do that she is mimicking. One of my favorites is blowing kisses - so cute!

62. My worst nightmare is already being realized - Bailey is boy crazy! Every little boy she sees, she just stares. And stares. And now blows kisses. We're not even safe at the library!  Ugh.

63. Bailey is slowly taking more interesting in books, besides just biting and ripping them.

64. She is mesmerized by lights.

65. More teeth are coming in! I've never seen so much drool make its way out of a person's mouth!  Sit on our couch at your own risk!

66. Her nails grow ridiculously fast and they are sharp!

67. She loves watching basketball. Breaks my heart. :-)

68. It's very obvious that she was never restrained or forced to be in an enclosed space like a crib or play pen. It's been a process but she seems to be getting more used to being in the carseat, high chair, crib, etc. and doesn't cry on approach anymore.

69. It's amazing the things we'll do to try and get a smile or giggle out of her. So worth it when it works!

70. Jenny and I make a darn good team. Just sayin'...

71. BREAKING NEWS!! Bailey stood up completely on her own for the first time. Video evidence below.  I love how proud she is of the accomplishment!


  1. Happy she is feeling better! So very cute.

  2. This post makes me grin from ear to ear! She is simply lovely! We are praying for continued health!