Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lessons Learning 33-46

33. She hasn't found anything (yet) that she's unwilling to put in her mouth at least once.

34. The fact that her second blowout (the first being the infamous lavatory adventure) happened while she was wearing her "I Love Daddy" onesie is purely coincidental. Right? :-)

35. In the last 48 hours two old friends have communicated that they're in the early stages of the adoption process. It is so encouraging to see the growing momentum adoption seems to be having, and that perhaps the Church is waking up to this priority. Please read this book if you want to be challenged about getting involved in orphan care and/or adoption.

36. For some reason, every time Jenny asks me something and refers to "her", I keep asking "who?" if we care that much how Abby is doing or if Abby is sleeping??  What is wrong with me???

37. There will ALWAYS be something else to clean...her body, the high chair, bottles, spoons, sippy cups, etc.

38. She HATES having her nose wiped, and she's rockin' some serious boogies as she fights a cold.  And her nose is so tiny that we're having little success. Any tricks?

39. Our video baby monitor has turned me into a stalker. Oh, and the battery life is ROUGH. Original iPhone bad. If you are looking at the Motorola wireless video monitor, beware. That charger will be going with you to other rooms in the house.

40. I'm pretty sure she's terrified of the stroller.  Or maybe just my "driving" of it...

41. When she's waiting for the next bite (when she's really hungry or really likes the food) she'll "air bite" - so cute!

42. Mood swings! Need I say more?

43. There are way too many little things that remind me of scenes from Friends and other shows. Although quite different, I couldn't help but think of this when I tested the heat of a bottle of formula:

44. She is FEARLESS.

45. She's got a poop face!! Well, it's more of a position, grunt, and face. But she has a tell!! THANK YOU BAILEY FOR SHOWING YOUR HAND!!

46. She fell asleep 15 minutes before the Super Bowl. I guess she's not a football fan. Yet.


  1. Use Q-tips in her nose! Works like a charm to clean out that little area! Lovin' the posts!

  2. My mom taught me this one for runny noses on little babies: use washable stuffed animals. Have the stuffed animal go in for a kiss, wipe up the snot, and throw that sucker in the washing machine. Those babies never see it coming! It's magic.